Use of Formic Acid in People and in Nature

Formic acid reasons a tingly serious burning sensation when it touches our pores and skin. This chemical is located within the venom of maximum ant species. In vegetation, you are going to in finding it within the sap launched through sure species of stinging nettles. In upper concentrations, this acid is hazardous, however, in a light shape, you’ll be able to even use it as a meals preservative because of its anti-bacterial high quality. It’s found in insecticides, pesticides, cosmetics and may be utilized in other kinds for quite a lot of commercial processes.

In People

Do you know that our bodies additionally make this chemical? However in smaller amounts, even though. It’s constituted of the methanol that our bodies inhale, ingest or produce. Our bodies make methanol from a chemical known as aspartame. Our gadget converts aspartame into aspartic acid, methanol, and phenylalanine. Ultimately the methanol will get reworked into formic acid. Inside of our our bodies it’s in an excessively dilute shape so it isn’t bad.

In Ants

The title is derived from the Latin phrase “Formica” which interprets to ant in English. John Ray, an English naturalist, used to be the primary individual to find the presence of this chemical in ants. He made this discovery in 1671 by distilling the overwhelmed bodies of ants and extracting the acid, which he later named formic acid. Ants use this substance as a defence against assaults from different creatures. They take hold of the culprit with their jaws (mandibles) and inject the pain-inducing compound into them. The stringer that injects the toxin is positioned on the finish in their abdomens.

Is that this an Unhealthy Substance?

The toxicity of this substance is determined by its focus. At upper concentrations, this can be very corrosive, has an intense odour and produces poisonous fumes. It will possibly motive blisters and burns at the pores and skin, injury the mucous membranes within the mouth, injure the eyes and impact our respiration gadget. You’re going to revel in the issue in respiring in case you inhale the fumes launched through this chemical. It’s been proven that extended publicity to this part may end up in kidney and liver injury. It creates similar results as some other extensively used commercial agent, Nitric acid.

Makes use of

There are several makes use of this compound in our regular existence, reminiscent of:


  • Because of its antibacterial nature, it’s continuously used within the manufacture of livestock feed to stop it from getting spoiled.
  • This factor may be added to canned meals merchandise as preservatives.
  • To create synthetic flavour it is usually added to sure food and drink.
  • In cosmetics, this compound is incorporated to create synthetic scents.
  • It additionally unearths use within the leather-based tanning business, within the processing and manufacture of paper and textiles and in changing rubber tree latex into rubber.

In the entire above discussed industries, it’s utilized in a diluted shape, making it much less bad to people and animals.

Formic acid has several makes use of in nature and our commercial global. When utilized in the correct quantity, it may be used for holding meals and making anti-bacterial formulae. Each formic acid and nitric acid are two of the commonly used chemical compounds in quite a lot of industries.

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